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Buying a Home

Buying a home: a sound investment in your future
Buying a home: old versus new
Buying a home: your needs and wants
Buying or Selling a Strata Unit - Things You Should Know
Checklist for house hunting
Don't forget closing costs when buying a home
Helpful hints on buying a home
No time like the present to buy a home
Picking the right neighbourhood
REALTORS® help smooth the home buying process
Tips for buying strata properties
Tips for first-time home buyers
The final cost of buying a home


Selling a Home

Buying or Selling a Strata Unit - Things You Should Know
Chattels and fixtures: put it in writing before you sell
Could you sell your own home?
Creating curb appeal can help sell your home
How to market your home
Marketing your home with a REALTOR®
Moving up in the housing market
Preparing your home for sale
Selling your home - how to review an offer
Selling your home - what a listing entails
Selling your home - why it pays to use a REALTOR®
Selling your home - why using a REALTOR® makes sense
Thinking of selling? Using a REALTOR® just makes sense
Tips on sprucing up your home prior to selling
Using MLS® to help sell your home


Buying/ Leasing Commercial Property

Lease Renewal - Help Is Available
Using a Commercial Realtor® -- Leasing or Buying a Commercial Property


Selling/ Leasing Commercial Property

Lease space or selling commercial property


Arranging Financing

Arranging a mortgage
Home buying and finances - making the right decisions


Why Use a REALTOR®?

Making use of a REALTOR®'s expertise
REALTORS® offer expertise and experience
When to call in the experts to help buy or sell a home
Why hire a Professional Property Management Company?
Working with a REALTOR®
Ten good reasons for using a REALTOR®
Your REALTOR® and the Multiple Listing Service® - an unbeatable marketing combination



Glossary of Real Estate Terms
Multiple Offers